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Steven J. Karen

Las Vegas Warrant

Defense Lawyer

Practicing Regularly in Las Vegas Justice Court, Las Vegas Municipal Court, Henderson Justice Court, Henderson Municipal Court, District Court, Federal Court and all Courts in Nevada.

Do You Have A Warrant?


This is a serious situation. However, in most cases I can keep you out of jail. I have been practicing law in Las Vegas for more than 20 years. I am very familiar with all the local courts, judges and prosecutors. I am also a part time District Court Judge. I have served as a Traffic Court Referee for Las Vegas Justice Court. Call my law office right away at (702) 382-9307. If you have an active warrant you are subject to immediate arrest. A law enforcement officer can go to your home or place of employment to serve a warrant. You could fail a background check, lose your drivers license, find it difficult to obtain a job, or pay more for credit. The sooner you call my office, the sooner I can file a motion to quash (NOT SQUASH) your warrant. In many cases I can quash a warrant the same day. I will then appear in court on your behalf. I will also resolve any traffic citations at no extra charge. In most cases you will not have to appear in court. My prices start at only $100 per traffic warrant. If you have a warrant for a criminal case call me right away to discuss your options.

man being arrested by a police officer

I got all my warrants quashed very quickly. He set me up on a payment plan to get everything taken care of. I'm very satisfied and I'm definitely coming back and referring family and friends. Thank you.

Michelle ScaglioneClient

I give all my traffic tickets to Steven Karen. I literally have the office number memorized. I normally call my tickets in, which is very easy for me. I am always taken good care of. It's been over two years and I will continue to use Steven Karen.

Christine DobbinsClient

I went out of town and forgot about my traffic ticket. It went into warrant. I was scared and afraid that I would go to jail. Mr. Karen quashed my warrant right away and kept me out of jail. I am very happy with his services.

Esther SadiClient

Steven Karen quashed my traffic warrants quickly. He was professional, courteous and sympathetic to my situation. I recommend him to everyone. He saved me thousands of dollars in fines. Thank you.

Jennifer Cotton BatsonClient

How to clear up a Nevada DMV failure to appear in court (fta) warrant suspension

In Nevada, if you miss a court appearance in a criminal case the Judge can issue what is known as a failure to appear bench warrant. Failing to appear in court can itself become an additional criminal charge. This charge usually requires additional bail. You may be arrested at any time while the warrant is active. The court issuing the warrant is required to notify the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles of your failure to appear in court. This will result in an automatic suspension of your drivers license.

If you have ever noticed police officers at traffic lights typing away into their computers (see above) I will tell you what they are doing. They are running car license plates for warrants. All warrant information is computerized into the national crime information center (NCIC). If you get caught driving during this suspension or revocation period you face additional penalties which include the possibility of jail time and an additional drivers license suspension. If your license was revoked for a DUI you will be facing 30 days to 6 months in jail or a minimum of 60 days of residential confinement (house arrest). If you are caught driving while your license is revoked you face an additional one year drivers license revocation, (See, Nevada Revised Statute 483.560).
How do I clear this mess up? First we need to track down the warrants. What court did the warrant originate from and what were the charges? Usually I need to file a motion to quash the warrant. In some courts the warrants are quashed immediately upon filing. In other cases the warrants remain active until the court appearance. Some of the factors involved for the Court in deciding whether to quash a warrant include: Why did the person miss court? A medical emergency for example may be a good excuse; how much money is owed? how many times has the case previously been in warrant? how old is the warrant? At the court hearing the Judge decides whether or not to quash the warrant. If the court quashes the warrant the court clerk will generate a failure to appear (fta) clearance letter. This letter needs to be hand delivered to the DMV in order for you to get your drivers license back in good standing.
How do you find out what court your warrants are from? If this is your situation we can help. My office is good at tracking down warrants and quashing them. If you go to court without an attorney you will have to stand in a long line to get any information. If a marshal or police officer finds out that you have an active warrant you can get arrested. If you go to the police station records desk to try to get information they will arrest you. This quote appears on LVMPD website: ” Q: Can I find out if I’m wanted? If you come to Records in person, we are required to notify an officer, and you may be arrested.” The best thing do do is call me today at (702) 382-9307 before you get arrested.

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